Your Money Smart Program Guide to Financial Success

Below you will find instructions to help complete the course Good luck! You’re on your way to financial success!

To get started:

  1. Go to* and click “Register” to sign up.

    1. Fill in your personal information (Username, Password and etc.).

    2. After entering your personal information mark the “Individual” square by clicking on it.

    3. When you have completed entering all of the registration information, click the “Register” button at the bottom to

      finish signing up.

  2. Click the “I am an Adult Learner (21 years or older)” option.

  3. You will then need to complete the following lessons:

    1. “Bank On It: An introduction to bank services”

    2. “Borrowing Basics: An introduction to credit”

    3. “Check It Out: How to choose and keep a checking account”

    4. “Money Matters: How to keep track of your money”

    5. “Pay Yourself First: Why you should save, save, save”

    6. “Keep It Safe: Your rights as a consumer”

    7. “To Your Credit: How your credit history will your credit future”

    8. “Charge It Right: How to make a credit card work for you”

    9. “Loan To Own: Know what you’re borrowing before you buy”

    10. “Your Own Home: What homeownership is all about”

    11. “Financial Recovery: How to recover from a financial setback”

  4. Begin a lesson by clicking on the underlined portion of the lesson’s title as shown in the following picture:

Money Smart screenshot

By following these instructions, you will be able to complete the Money Smart Program

Please note:

  1. You need to score 80% or better on the questions and activities that appear in all of the lessons to pass the Money Smart Program. If needed, you may review the lesson and retake the questions and activities.

    1. A green checkmark will appear next to a lesson when it is completed:

    2. A blue circular symbol will appear next a lesson that is still in progress:

  2. Once you have a score 80% or higher on all of the lessons you can print a completion certificate.

  3. The completion certificate will be required for your loan’s rate discount so do not forget to PRINT it.

*Clicking this link will open the Money Smart website in a new tab or window.